Why conduct research?

To have real data that empowers us to:
  • Find out what your community, users, or customers really need to succeed and stay engaged so you can understand their needs, advocate on their behalf, and deliver the best service or product possible!

  • Evaluate how your services and products are contributing to the success of your community, users, or customers is the key to knowing that you are making a real difference!

  • Determine exactly which products and services need to be improved for maximum impact, ensuring that you always offer the best solutions to your community, users, or customers!

  • Stay ahead of the needs of your community, users, or customers means gathering their suggestions, testing new services and products, and representing their interests!

How does it work?

We have a 3-step approach:
  1. Preliminary analysis - what do we want to achieve?
  2. Choice of technique and tools - we have a well-stocked toolbox!
  3. Gathering information and data - this is when the magic happens.

What happens next?

This is where we move on to the analysis phase. Continue to the next section.